8 Southern Artists and Photographer Paige French

Through my interview with Emily Jeffords, I discovered photographer . Then, I discovered something else. Paige is the photographer for next book. I wrote the foreword for Barb's debut book, , so this was a thrilling bit of info to learn of since I adore all things Barb Blair. Now I can't wait to see her next book because Paige's photos are tops. Particularly inspiring to me are her photos of artists' works. Here are some that really jumped off the page for me - the art and the way it was shot. (Click on any image below for a larger view.)

Koelle Family Home/ - I don't know who did these paintings, but adding gold and gold painted men on horseback is by far, the coolest thing I've seen lately.

Koelle Family Home/

Koelle Family Home/ - I'm IN LOVE with their sofa and rug, but interiors aside how about those paintings? I have to find out who did them - maybe Paige will comment and let us know. Swoon!

 - This random print washi taped to a concrete wall in Barb's studio is just SO pretty.

 - Don't you adore seeing an artist at work like this? On the floor, immersed, trousers splattered with color?

 - Dear GOD these are stunning. I clearly need to go to the south because all of the art in this post seems to be from South Carolina or Georgia. Explains the color palettes and the lightness of the work. I've always loved the natural light in my home state. Which explains why, as an adult, I still love light and airy open spaces.

 - Stunning, stunning, stunning.

athens, ga

 -A pocket of inspiration on Barb's wall. I loved studying it, to see what she is looking at.

Gosh I love all of this work. You just don't find paintings like this where I'm living. German art is so different, there is no comparing the stuff coming out of Berlin vs. what is shown above. I miss it.

(images: paige french)